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Please come and “Walk the Bagua Circle” with us at the “Intro to Bagua Circle Walking” class that’s forming now This will be suitable for people of all ages and fitness levels.

Have you been looking for an effective exercise that really gets your heart pumping? Something new and exciting you start to feel passionate about right away?

Do you enjoy walking? If so then come and learn a totally unique, and vigorous exercise that’s central to the “Art of Bagua” known as “Circle Walking”. You’ll learn a new way how to get a whole body workout anywhere you want even in the comfort of your own home.
Then when the Florida weather prevents us from getting outside to enjoy ourselves, we have a challenging healthy alternative.

Each class begins with a brief meditation to help us start to focus internally, to begin the process of releasing stress, and to become more aware of our movements. This is the beginning of real mindfulness.

The mostly unknown art known as Bagua Palm is meditative in nature, plus it’s a great aerobic exercise that can be as intense as you want it to be!

It’s ideal for reducing stress, anxiety and depression. It’s know to help alleviate chronic pain, and improve overall aging issues.

Bagua is also great for maintaining calmness, and staying centered even while being in the middle of difficult situations. Did you know that Bagua is also known as the “Art of Change” ?

The routine’s beautiful slow motion movements are often referred to as “Meditation in Motion” and can be relaxing just to look at.

If you’re into meditation, learn how the focus of regular seated meditation, and the focus of Bagua Circle Walking meditation are both the same, yet completely opposite. The practice of either one of these disciplines helps to give us more control over our “Monkey Mind”, the term that describes how our thoughts sometimes race and jump all over the place!

The movements you learn will help to improve your balance, focus, and enhance feelings of well being!

Bagua Zhang is an ideal holistic exercise system that makes it a perfect lifelong practice. I’ve been hooked for decades…my passion.

So just imagine going through the movements that you’ve just learned…allowing you to let go of all the stress and worry that you have been holding onto… week..after week.. for way too long. I’ve yet to hear anyone tell me that they didn’t feel better after doing this easy to learn routine.

This will be a Rare but Free Introductory Class to “The Art of Bagua Zhang”


I’m looking forward to meeting you all, and thanks for your time!




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