What is “Tai Chi Chuan”
How will it Benefit Me?

Tai Chi is famous for it's slow beautiful, gentle flowing motion, almost like the waves in the ocean breaking onto shore, and then receding back to it's source. 
Tai Chi movement is based on the yin and the yang, the continuous shifting of weight from one side of the body to the other to create the beautiful postures of the form.
This movement when coordinated with the breath can help Connect the Mind and the Body.
Did you know the breath is a well known bridge between the two?

Although Tai Chi was originally a Martial Art it is mainly practiced today as an excellent form of exercise with many health benefits. 

Discover How This
Ancient Holistic  Art Can
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Tai Chi Chuan

Although Tai Chi was originally a Martial Art it is mainly practiced today as an excellent form of exercise with many health benefits. 

The words Tai Chi Chuan mean Supreme Ultimate Boxing, used as an exercise for health it would loosely translate as Supreme Ultimate Exercise or Skill.

Most have seen it's flowing and mesmerizing movements...
Would you like to learn a exercise system, that's also a gentle martial art? Can you imagine improving in a skill,  with all of these health benefits for the rest of your life?

Qigong (Chi Gung)

Qigong is Considered the Root of All Martial Arts and Chinese Health Systems.

Qigong has defined as energy work or breath work.

The Chi Gung (qigong) systems that we teach will retrain us to use whole body movement and power that comes from the ground.

Qigong is a meditation and healing practice that has been part of traditional Chinese medicine for centuries. Qigong helps to lower stress and anxiety, it will increase focus and concentration.

Improved balance and flexibility are just a couple of the benefits that can be derived from this wonderful health system.

Qigong can help reduce the risk of certain chronic diseases.

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What Our Students Say
About Us

I have been a student at Tru Tai Chi for several months. It has been a terrific experience. Bruce is a very knowledgeable and patient teacher and the class is all so fun. I would highly recommend him without reservation to anyone interested in learning Tai chi.

Warren Slavin


I had pain shooting down my arms and legs...I didn't know what to do. I was desperate, and ready to try anything.
Bruce taught me one of his "standing sets" to help me release the tension in my neck, and back.
Over time gravity helped to separate the space between the discs in my spine. This helped the impingement of the nerves that was causing me so much pain.

Stephanie Greenberg

former Student

Shortly after starting the beginner's class I noticed my posture and walking improved dramatically. I now walk easier, faster and with a noticeable increase in stamina. Bruce, our instructor is totally dedicated to his art. He is an exceptional teacher and he is always aware of the needs of his students.

Robert Freemon

CURRENT student

Tai Chi so awesome for dressage riders! Join Bruce he is great!

private student

I began studying Tai Chi here about 6 months ago. I have to say that Bruce is a wonderful teacher with knowledge that comes from long study and mastering both hard and soft styles. This was not my first time taking Tai Chi classes, but has been the most rewarding. Bruce teaches the Tai Chi form and also the very subtle body mechanics that take the movements to a whole different level. Class is relaxed, but very informative each time. There is also exposure to Chi Kung, and sometimes the other "sister" internal arts all of which fit together nicely!

Richard Ribeiro


 Call Bruce For More Information 561-429-2135  /  Email: bruce@trutaichi.com