What is Qigong?

Qigong - Chi Gung
Energy Work/Breath Work

Qigong is Considered the Root of All Martial Arts and Chinese Health Systems.

In China Qigong has always been 
taught alongside Tai Chi Chuan.

We Teach Many Forms of Qigong at Our School.
Featuring the Original Standing & Moving Sets as
First Introduced by Mr. BP Chan in our Country.

Qigong has been defined as Energy Work or Breath Work

Wu Sung Hitting the Tiger from B.P. Chan's 8 Chi Gung Exercises

There are historical records indicating that some forms of
Qigong/Chi Gung have been researched and practiced for
over 4,ooo years,

It's been found to be to an excellent way to restore and promote health.

Qigong has been implemented successfully in
hospitals in China since the 1950s,

B.P. Chan explains Standing Meditation
and it's Power in the Pa Kua Garden
This Posture is called "Holding the Camera"

Linda Lehrhaupt, author of the best selling book "Tai Chi as a  Path of Wisdom" talks about her meeting Mr. Chan, and her first experience with standing meditation.
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The purpose of the various standing postures we "hold" is to become more aware of our body and how it stabilizes itself.  

We then start to  gain a measure of control over this autonomic process, and use it to improve our health, posture, and martial effectiveness.  Normally our stabilizer muscles prevents us from falling down.  However, this simple act relies on balancing with minute, continual adjustments against gravity.

Secondly, the same muscles that stabilize us can also constrict our blood flow and cause unnecessary tension. However by aligning our posture by learning correct principles, and working with gravity, not fighting against it,  we start to allow just the necessary muscles and our skeletal structure support our body weight.  

Think of a bridge, and how it's many parts support, and strengthen its structure. We use this analogy to understand the unseen alignments that are taking place internally.

Through standing practices (Qigong)
we start to let go of muscles that aren't necessary to hold the posture that we're in. We move from posture to posture releasing tension as we scan through the body.

A profound sense of release and relaxation
is experienced...

This acquired skill of releasing internally allows better blood flow throughout the body and better functioning of our organs.

Learn how to move effortlessly as you learn structural principles and body alignment.

Imagine just letting go, as the stress begins to melt away. We learn what muscles aren't necessary to support what we are actually doing. We begin to learn what true relaxation really is. Most people have never experienced this.

At this point we begin the real inner work of finding
movement in stillness, and stillness in our movement

Real Integration of Mind and Body through the breath.

We learn how to be present in the moment and start to understand what mindfulness is.


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