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Why Should I Take Private Tai Chi Classes?

There are countless reasons to invest in yourself
to increase your skill quickly... 
in any of the arts that we offer.

In a private lesson, a teacher can offer personal attention and encouragement to the student and help them achieve the goals they have set for themselves and maximize their time spent with their instructor.

If you're like most beginners, you might feel a little self conscious, awkward or maybe even uncoordinated which is natural. Many students after working with me for a short while then feel comfortable moving into a group class.

Maybe you're feeling that you'd like to start a class, but think that you're too far behind an ongoing one and won't be able to catch up?...You will.

Working professionals with busy schedules might have conflicts with set class times, so private Tai Chi lessons can provide flexibility in scheduling.

Every teacher has a basic approach in how they try to teach, demonstrate, and make adjustments to their student’s form. I will custom design a training program help you reach your personal goals, at a greatly accelerated rate, and at a depth not possible with group classes.

In a private lesson I'm able to give you my undivided attention, and help you focus and work on what's important to you, and what's needed in your development.

I assure you that private classes will make you feel more confident and
centered in your Tai Chi practice. You will make swift progress!

Taking classes is a good way to learn the basic choreography of a form, but individualized instruction is valuable if a student wishes to advance to a
higher level at a much quicker pace.

You see what happens is that the student may picture themselves a certain way, and their form or expression of a move may not be correct (their form deteriorates). It's easy to start violating the principles of Tai Chi, it's hard to be objective about ourselves.

Private Lessons will save you years in mastering Tai Chi Chuan.
There is a Chinese expression that sums this up perfectly...
"Off by an inch, Off by a Mile"  

Proper Correction makes a Profound Difference in the 
advancement of one’s skill.  
This is particularly true for more experienced students.

Tai Chi Chuan a very comprehensive system with many specialized areas.
So no matter what your goal is... be it health, self defense, meditation, or expressing the beautiful postures and moving forms contained within,
private lessons allow you to concentrate on the aspect of training that is most important to you. 

A perceptive and objective instructor can make immediate and
on the spot corrections to a student’s form. 

People with health concerns might need a tailored program designed
specifically for them. People recovering from strokes, or challenged by cancer,
or other serious medical conditions have been strengthened by this art.

"I know from personal experience how these arts will help you...
When I had a life threatening disease, 
these arts gave me the
inner strength I needed to see it through.
I was then thankful that I had a
vehicle to bring me back to 
full health and vitality."       Bruce

If Needed I Can Teach an Adapted Tai Chi Form to fit your needs.
In addition there are many Qigong Routines that are Designed for Seated Positions such as: "Eight Seated Postures Qigong", "Taoist Breathing Exercises", and the well known "Seated Eight Brocades" and many more...