One of the First to Bring Neijia Arts to this Country

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The art of Bagua is based and patterned on one of the oldest texts in existence called the  "I Ching or Book of Changes".

Mr. BP Chan (above) was one of the first to bring

Baguazhang into this country in the mid 1970's.

Rich Raab was one of Mr. Chan's original students

I've been fortunate to know Rich since my childhood.
My teacher now for over 40 years. I've had the pleasure of learning Tai Chi Chuan, Baguazhang, Hsing-i Chuan, I Chuan, and Qigong from him.

Learn this entire Bagua System with it's unique Qigong, the Bagua "Mother Palms", Bagua Palm Changes, applications
as well as the 2 person sets and so much more!

We walk the circle holding different postures. Each posture helps us relax a different set of muscles and creates certain alignments within the body. These postures that we hold while turning into the center are very simple but not easy. 

Practitioners find they learn how to coordinate their circular walking movement with the breath.

Bagua Walking while going through the Eight Palm Changes will strengthen and loosen the core of the body like no other health system. 

Within all of this internal movement there is an inherent turning, a relaxing/stretching of our core into the center. We allow ourselves to sink being urged by gravity. The Chinese term Sung.

We originate all movement from the tantien (our physical center of the body).

Then we express that connected movement into the arms and legs.

Hidden within the constantly changing circular movements are sophisticated martial applications.

Have you been looking for an exercise like Tai Chi but maybe something more physically challenging,

dynamic and aerobic?
Learn the spherical flowing movements that help to improve balance and focus.

Bagua Zhang or (Eight Trigram Palm) is known for increasing strength, flexibility, energy, stamina, and agility.

I've personally felt that this art enhances the feeling of being in control while in the middle of change.

Notice the trigrams (the 3 line images called Gua) that surround the Tai Chi Symbol Below

There are eight images or Gua = Bagua

Zhang means Palm so...

Baguazhang Means Eight Trigram Palm

They represent many different correspondences and qualities of expression according to The "I Ching".

Come Learn Tai Chi With Us

Although Tai Chi was originally a Martial Art it is mainly practiced today as an excellent form of exercise with many health benefits. The words Tai Chi Chuan mean Supreme Ultimate Boxing, used as an exercise for health it would loosely translate as Supreme Ultimate Exercise or Skill. Would you like to learn a exercise system, that's also a gentle martial art? Can you imagine improving in a skill,  with all of these health benefits for the rest of your life?
There was never a single time I didn't learn something from the days practice, and left feeling energized and just feeling good.

Means Eight Trigram Palm.

Circular in movement and it's application.

You will learn how to coordinate your circular movement with the breath, Bagua Walking practice will loosen the core of the body like no other health system because of the inherent turning into the center.

We learn how to focus awareness even during times of turmoil, and still remain centered and in control. The routine's beautiful slow motion movements are often referred to as "Meditation in Motion".

Come Learn Hsing Yi With Us
Hsing-i Chuan (pronounced shing yee) roughly translates into Shape Mind Boxing, and basically refers to the creation of a shape through the intention of the mind. When utilized properly with this intent, there is no gap or hesitation when performing the intended move or posture.

This creates a very effective fighting system that is all about results. You won't see any wasted movement, or hesitation in this system. 
All of our offerings are taught by learning principles, not just the choreography of learned moves. 

Once the body understands these vital principles, the body can then teach you for the rest of your life!
Come Learn Chi Gung With Us

The Mother of all Chinese Internal systems and martial arts. The translation of which is Energy Cultivation, or Energy Work.

The Chi Gung (qigong) systems that we teach will heal, renew, and grow the intrinsic energy contained within us. It's the "stuff" that the universe is comprised of. We learn to cleanse the body, and " Build the Chi" This may be why some people, including myself, have had miraculous recoveries. I owe my life to these practices.

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