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Please come and “Walk the Bagua Circle” with us at the “Intro to Bagua Circle Walking” class that’s forming now. This will be suitable for people of all ages and fitness levels.

Have you been looking for an effective exercise that really gets your heart pumping? Something new and exciting you can start to feel passionate about right away?
Learn relaxing but challenging movements that help to improve balance, focus, and enhance feelings of well being.

Bagua Zhang or (Eight Trigram Palm) is known for increasing strength, definition, flexibility, energy, stamina, and agility. It will also alleviate chronic pain, and improve overall aging issues. Known for reducing stress, anxiety and depression just adds to the value of these exercises.

Enjoy walking? Then come and learn a totally unique, and vigorous exercise that’s the central practice of the “Art of Bagua” known as “Circle Walking”. You’ll learn a new way how to get a whole body workout anywhere. Then when the Florida weather prevents us from enjoying ourselves outside, we have a challenging healthy alternative.

We start with a short meditation to settle ourselves and let go of the stress that we’ve holding on to. Learn how the focus of regular seated meditation, and the focus of Bagua Circle Walking meditation are both the same, yet completely opposite. Either one of these disciplines helps us to think more clearly, and effectively right away.

This will be a Rare but Free Introductory Class

I’m looking forward to meeting you all, and thanks for your time!

Bruce Marcus


Or just go ahead and give me a call at: 561-429-2135

I’m looking forward to meeting you all, and thanks for your time!



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