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Mr. Chan “Walking the Circle”

​Our class starts with a Bagua Standing Set comprised of Eight Static Standing Postures. The reason we train like this is to release tension and blockages in the body. It benefits the meridians in very specific ways.
This practice has profound effects on the
body’s organs and energy systems.
It builds certain qualities, strengths, and
lines of connection into the ground.

Next, we begin the main foundational practice known as “Ding Shyr”
​more commonly known as “Circle Walking”

Practitioners find they learn how to meld their 
circular movement with the breath.

This practice will cultivate a calm and relaxed mind, We put aside distracting thoughts and just concentrate on breathing and our movements. Our thoughts begin to drop away…
then there is just the movement
the focus on the center…
and our breath​…

​The breath is a bridge between the mind and the body

​We learn how to integrate
​Mind – Body – Spirit


This ancient Chinese Health System will make you stronger in many ways, on many different levels.
Somewhat more vigorous than Tai Chi Chuan.
Baguazhang also helps build the aerobic system of the body.


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