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Key Points on How to Stand

The purpose of the varied standing practices we study is to become more aware of our body and how it stabilizes itself.  We then start to  gain a measure of control over this autonomic process and use it to improve our health, posture, and martial effectiveness. 
Let’s break it down a bit.  Normally our stabilizer muscles prevents us from falling down.  However, this simple act relies on balancing with minute, continual adjustments against gravity, and to be honest it’s a lot of work. 
Secondly, the same muscles that stabilize us can also constrict our blood flow and cause unnecessary tension. However by aligning our posture by learning correct principles, and working with gravity, not fighting against it,  we start to allow the major muscles and our skeletal structure support our body weight.  Think of a bridge, and how it’s many parts support, and strengthen its structure. We use this analogy to understand the unseen alignments that are taking place internally. 
This acquired skill of releasing internally allows better blood flow and better functioning of our organs.

As this process unfolds we naturally start to relax and develop a calmness that we might not have experienced before.

We relax into our structure and make a connection to the ground, it is only then we’re able to move in a connected way…

Once we have built our structure we then learn to express it various ways using the Qigong Sets in our system.

At the same time we start to learn the first Tai Chi Form called
“The Tai Chi Short Form”

The style of Tai Chi Chuan we practice is known as the “Yang Family Style”



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