Tai Chi Supplemental Exercises

Why Do We Study Supplemental Exercises
Called Qigong Alongside
Tai Chi Chuan?

Traditionally Qigong has always been taught
with Tai Chi.

These supplemental exercises are known as
Qigong (breath work) and help us return to a more natural way to move and breathe.

You see when we're babies we breathe abdominaly. You can even see a baby breathe with their whole body. You can feel a baby grab your finger with tremendous strength, they use their whole body to do that.
As we age we're faced with different stresses that start to accumulate in the body as tension, so we feel tight in the shoulders, the neck, the chest and stomach area. This process causes our breathing to rise into chest (we lose 30% in our breathing capacity) and our movements to get more segmented, unbalanced, and uncoordinated.

We lose the ability to move, and breathe in a natural way.
Our breathing and our center of gravity rises.

Well the good news is that Tai Chi, and it's supplemental exercises will help you return to the natural state again very quickly!

Before Tai Chi and Qigong

After Tai Chi and Qigong

Before Qigong & Tai Chi Practice

In the figure above the center of gravity is raised. This causes us to restrict our breathing and feel like we are unbalanced.

After Qigong & Tai Chi Practice

In the figure above the
center of gravity is lowered. We start to breathe more deeply and feel more stable in many ways.

When learn how to breathe with abdomen again we regain 30% of our breath capacity. We begin to move in a unified, centered, and coordinated way.

Next we bring these skills into our study of Tai Chi Chuan and we can then make real progress going forward.