One of the First to Bring Neijia Arts to this Country

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Qigong is Considered the Root of All Martial Arts and Chinese Health Systems.

We Teach Many Forms of Qigong at Our School.

Featuring the Original 

Standing & Moving Sets as First Introduced by Mr. BP Chan in our Country.


The purpose of the various standing postures we "hold" is to become more aware of our body and how it stabilizes itself.  We then start to  gain a measure of control over this autonomic process and use it to improve our health, posture, and martial effectiveness.
Let’s break it down a bit.  Normally our stabilizer muscles prevents us from falling down.  However, this simple act relies on balancing with minute, continual adjustments against gravity, and to be honest it's a lot of work. 
Secondly, the same muscles that stabilize us can also constrict our blood flow and cause unnecessary tension. However by aligning our posture by learning correct principles, and working with gravity, not fighting against it,  we start to allow the major muscles and our skeletal structure support our body weight.  Think of a bridge, and how it's many parts support, and strengthen its structure. We use this analogy to understand the unseen alignments that are taking place internally. 
This acquired skill of releasing internally allows better blood flow and better functioning of our organs.

Once the body understands these vital principles, the body can then teach you for the rest of your life!

Imagine just letting go, as the stress begins to melt away. We learn what muscles aren't necessary to support what we are actually doing. We begin to learn what true relaxation really is. Most people have never experienced this, but trust me you'll know it when you feel it.

At this point we begin the real inner work of finding movement in stillness, and stillness in our movement.

Real Integration of Mind and Body through the breath.
We learn how to be present in the moment and start to understand what mindfulness is.


The translation of which is Energy Cultivation,
or Energy Work.

Learn Qigong at Tru Tai Chi

The Chi Gung (qigong) systems that we teach will heal, renew, and grow the intrinsic energy contained within us. 

Qigong has been used in hospitals in China since the 1950's.

We learn to cleanse the body, and then we

" Build the Chi"

This may be why somepeople, including myself, have had 
miraculous recoveries.


"I owe my life to these practices"


A Few Very Nice Testimonials From Former Students

"I was frustrated with my lack of progress in my Tai Chi and Qigong practice. It seemed like no matter what I did I wasn't advancing in my skills. I thought I had hit the ceiling of my Tai Chi abilities. After taking Bruce's Class the quality and true understanding of this art that I hold so dear was completely transformed! My approach to studying at home was taken to a new height....  But not just that, my performance was significantly improved."

Jackie Lawrence

Bruce's Student

I had pain shooting down my arms and legs...I didn't know what to do. I was desperate, and ready to try anything.
Bruce taught me one of his "standing sets" to help me release the tension in my neck, and back.
Over time gravity helped to separate the space between the discs in my spine. This helped the impingement of the nerves that was causing me so much pain.

Stephanie Greenberg

Bruce's Student

I had been away from practice for a few years and was starting to feel stiff, and out of sorts for awhile. I took a chance and started working out  at Bruce's School. My Tai Chi Form is taking on so many new dimensions, and layers of understanding. You see what's great is that Bruce just doesn't teach sequences of moves, he teaches principles that you can immediately apply to your art.
I now have more flexibility than I've ever had in my life, and I just feel stronger, more centered, and in control.

Joe Cunningham

Bruce's Student

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